Dreamer's House text intro above gallery 2017- ongoing

In Dreamer's House I remain intrigued by the alchemy and mystery of the photograph; its description of a sentience, the passage of time, and a universal sense of what each of us crave. In this time of tumult and displacement, I'm looking closely at an essential foundation, a core experience which amplifies something we all share. Haunted, mundane, elegant or in disarray, the metaphor of home provides a singular order. This work explores the visual anomalies of the contemporary moment through found stillness and interior space. Dreamer's House is an exploration of the richness of metaphor; how our narrative and the literal material of our lives coalesce into a life.

I began this project on my sabbatical year as a Fellow at The Bogliasco Foundation in Genoa, Italy. There again, I tapped into the power of the artist residency. The villa and environs were not only inspiration but became dominant as subject. This project continued as I concluded my sabbatical as a Fellow at Yaddo, working amidst the renovation of another storied mansion in Saratoga Springs, NY.