Rooms in the Dreamer's House

Drawn to the ineffable and the curious nature of the real, DeLuise is committed to an immersive eperience of place. As an artist, she has spent a lifetime leaning towards what is unknown and the desire to keep something of a shaky ground underfoot. Her work is formal in approach and motivated by observation and discovery. DeLuise continues to use film and a large format, 8x10 view camera, which compels her to move slowly and interpret her surroundings at a pace that is in opposition to our culture's spinning clock.

Regina began this project and her sabbatical year as a Fellow at The Bogliasco Foundation in Genoa, Italy. There again she tapped into the power of the artist residency. As one can see from the selected images, the villa and environs were not only inspiration but became dominate as subject.

In Rooms in the Dreamer's House, the artist remains in service to the alchemy and mystery of the photograph; it's description of a sentience, the passage of time, and a universal sense of what each of us crave. In this time of tumult and displacement, her work looks to an essential foundation, a core experience which amplifies something we all share. Haunted, mundane, elegant or in dissaray, the metaphor of home provides a singular order. The new work explores the visual anomalies of the contemporary moment through found stillness and interior space. Dreamer's House is an exploration of the richness of metaphor; how our narrative and the literal material of our lives coalesce into a life.

All work 18 x 22 Archival Ink Jet Prints

January 2018